BioLite Shop: All Products Cook, charge, and light your life off-grid. Every purchase brings safe energy to sub-Saharan Africa.
Large format cooking & charging
$299.95 USD
Carry Pack
BaseCamp's best travel companion
$49.95 USD
Charge 20
Portable Power For Everyday Carry
$39.95 USD
Make Coffee Anywhere
$14.95 USD
Functional light in a tap
$14.95 USD
Cook, pour, and store
$49.95 USD
BaseCamp's wood-fired oven
$69.95 USD
Portable Grill
Cook your favorite meals over wood
$69.95 USD
450 lumens + powerbank
$59.95 USD
PowerLight Mini Family Pack
A little light for everyone
$159.80 USD
Compact, overhead string lighting
$29.95 USD
SiteLight Mini
A String Light Built For the Outdoors
$19.95 USD
Save $9.90 USD
SiteLight Variety Pack
Extend Your Overhead Outdoor Lighting
$69.95 USD
$79.85 USD
SiteLight XL
Bring Your Own Full Moon
$29.95 USD
SolarPanel 10+
Designed to Maximize Your Charge
$129.95 USD
Break Sticks & Open Bottles
$9.95 USD

Global impact in every purchase

With every purchase of a BioLite product, you are helping create lasting change in emerging markets of the developing world. The same technology that provides you with a clean, innovative camping experience is providing better living conditions, saving lives worldwide.

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