Limited Edition Prep Pack Light Rooms, Charge Phones, & Stay Connected
Your Grid Under The Sink The size of a shoebox, the SolarHome 620 unpacks instantly to offer multi-area lighting, charging, and radio
6W Solar Panel Easy installation - place in the sun and charge the system in a day
20Wh Control Box Store the sun's power and access radio, charging, and energy feedback
100 Lm Hanging Lights x3 Replace harsh emergency lighting with easy overhead stringlights, each with its own switch
SunLight SunLight
Upgrade Your Candle Prep Pack includes [4] 100 Lm SunLight lanterns ready for use around the house
Charge From The Sun in 7 Hours Runs For Up To 50 Hours Per Charge Safe Alternative to Candles When Power Is Out Compact Design Won't Pop or Deflate
Power Up When The Grid is Down The Prep Pack's SolarHome 620 and SunLight both feature integrated solar panels so you can charge up during the day and access reliable light and power at night.
A Hub For Smart Energy Use SolarHome 620 Control Box Helps You Use Watts Wisely
Control Brightness 100 lumens wall light with lo-med-hi brightness so you can extend runtimes
Play Radio & MP3s Access FM radio with built-in antenna for news or store songs on micro SD for entertainment
Control Your Energy LCD display offers real-time updates on sun strength and battery life so you know the ins and outs of your off-grid power
Charge Gear 2 USB ports can charge powerbanks, lights, or phones so you can stay connected to friends and family
Emergency Lighting Without The Gloom
Overhead lamp style recreates home lighting Daisy-chainable with 18 ft of cord per light offers easy illumination for common areas SunLight color LEDs offer red night vision or fun color spectrum Optional motion sensor provides quick burst of light, ideal for stairwells or hallways
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  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
  • BioLite Solar Prep Pack
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