2016 Impact Report

New countries. Humbling lessons. Sleepovers in the lab. These are just a few of the things that happened in 2016.

We are incredibly proud to introduce to you our first ever Annual Impact Report. Inside you will find highlights from 2016, a summary of our company sustainability report, and stories from partners and customers around the world. You make our impact possible and these are just a few of the ways that manifests in our organization. Thank you for believing in our work and for supporting a new way of doing business where the future of energy is shared by everyone.

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Impact By The Numbers:
100,000 People breathing cleaner air
61,607 Tons of CO2e offset by the HomeStove
20,000 Households cooking with the HomeStove
54,612 Watt hours generated by the HomeStove in 2016
55 BioLite staff members across India, Kenya and Uganda
12,100 Hours of burn testing for the new HomeStove 2
Documenting The Journey

In 2016 we pulled back the curtain with a 10-part series dedicated to the business of change and what it really takes to bring Energy Everywhere. From motorcycles to messes to magicians it was an honest look at the work our team does every day. Revisit the chapters from the Road To Impact Series:

2016 Highlights
Completed development of 2nd generation HomeStove
Launched Operations In Kenya
Will issue 20,000 carbon credits generated by HomeStove users
Received Red Dot Award for PowerLight Mini
Completed 12,100 hours of testing on HomeStove 2
Reached 20,000 households with the HomeStove
Corporate Sustainability Summary

Since BioLite’s inception we have sought to minimize our own resource consumption and create products that have a net benefit to humanity and to the planet; monitoring our carbon footprint is the first step in understanding whether we are achieving this goal. For more information on the methods and calculations presented, view our full 2015-2016 Environmental Sustainability Report.

How We Measure Our Carbon Footprint
Corporate Travel
Raw Materials
Building Emissions
Our Lifecycle Analysis By Year
Where Emissions Came From In 2016
Reaching Zero
With Clean Cook Stoves

Unlike many organizations that buy credits from a third party, BioLite produces its own carbon offsets from our clean cookstove work across India and sub-Saharan Africa. When a household uses a HomeStove, they reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that would have come from their previous smoky open fire. This savings is independently verified by Gold Standard Foundation and every year we retire credits equivalent to our footprint to offset our carbon impact.


For every ton of carbon BioLite produces as an organization, we offset 19 tonnes through the use of the HomeStove. Aside from offsetting our own footprint, these surplus credits can be sold to governments or other companies seeking their own sustainability solutions. Revenue generated from these sales get re-invested into our work in emerging markets, enabling us to reach even more households living in energy poverty.

Whether our ambassadors are cooking meals in Canada, or recommending the Homestove to neighbors in Uganda, they each bring energy everywhere in their own way. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a few of these community members.

BioLite Ambassador
Central & South America

BioLite Ambassadors gear up for a 10,000 mile bike tour

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BioLite Customer

These HomeStove customers are bringing energy to their neighbors

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BioLite Team
Brooklyn & Bhubaneswar

The team embarks on a 24/7 HomeStove durability testing blitz

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BioLite Partner
Rajasthan, India

An MFI proves to be a powerful partner in emerging markets.

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Serving The Future Home

When you see “future home” what comes to mind? Maybe flying cars, robot butlers, or even refrigerators that tell you when your milk is expired – here at BioLite we’ve got a different take on the Future Home: one that affects half the planet, where basic energy needs are met through an ecosystem of products that harness, store, and utilize energy on a personal scale.

In late 2016, BioLite took it’s next major step in fulfilling our vision of the Future Home with the launch of the SolarHome 620 (SHS), a portable solar light & power system that can transform an off-grid structure into a smart home instantly. Utilizing months of field research, SHS incorporates multi-room lighting with quality-of-life touches like radio and MP3 access.

SolarHome 620 Components
6W solar panel
Control box with radio & MP3
Ceiling mounted lights
Motion sensor security light
Future Home

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